Tracey Fairaway, Desiree Velez, Lucky Harmon & Johnny Alonso
​​ About me? Well for years I haven’t been able to write a bio comfortably.​Actually, it's always been excruciatingly painful for me. It's sad that it's taken the current state of affairs in our country to make me see it clearer, But here goes. I can't write a bio because I don't fit any one peg or square hole.
My mom chose a French name for me... Desiree. It means Desire. Coincidence? I think not. You can call me Desi. I was a Puerto Rican princess born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y in a Italian/Jewish Neighborhood. I Broke bread with Chinese kids in their Parents Laundromat and was the only one in my neighborhood who wasn't afraid to hang out with the African American family in their house around the corner. See, even as a child I could not understand labels.
Through my parents struggle and loss of their own dreams, I learned quickly to fight for who I wanted to be.  My talent for comedy and drama developed from my real life experiences.  My Knack for accents and changing my appearance came from my environment. I can almost instantaneously pick up any accent or mannerism because of the variety of people and cultures I have been exposed to.  This has been a gift and a curse. I remember once speaking to a British lady and a lady with a lisp on separate occasions. Before I knew it I was answering them back with a British accent and the other a lisp!! It was so embarrassing, but I just couldn't control it. Now, when someone with a lisp comes by, I try to limit my conversation for fear I may lisp back.
When I made up my mind to be an actress I was the first to go to college in my Family! I was the first to begin realizing my dreams. I actually got parts in dinner theaters, professional theaters, film and television. I was Tackling dancing and singing much later in life than my counterparts. Talk about stage fright. But I did it! I was the first to go to England long after college on a scholarship given to me by Micheal Khan. I went to attend a Midsummer program for Actors studying Shakespear.

When I started Acting I would wear blue or hazel contacts and lighten my hair or stayed away from the sun. Why?  Because even then it didn't matter how much people in our industry worked side be side with diversity, they still did not cast that way!! But I fooled them, as I became more and more established I began dropping the contacts and added my last name back.

I have Played Jewish, Latino, Russian and Italian characters.  I have played, Mom's, Bimbos, Executives, Surgeons, an accountant, a maid with a New Deli accent and even been murdered once or twice...actually 3 times. We have come a long way since I started but we still have further to go. I want to play, a lawyer, a prosecutor, a cop, a computer hacker, a detective, a spy, a hero, a scientist, a witch, a comedic lead but most of all an Avenger!!! I want to play anything but a fool. I Know my value.  Hire me and I can prove it!! Plus I am pretty darn funny.

in real life I have had to work a variety of odd jobs. The smurf was the worst. The heat in the suit went up to 120 degrees. I ran from a line of kids chasing me before I would pass out on them. How traumatic if baby smurf died at their feet!!! 

If there is anything I have learned it's to have a sense of humor!! Now I am the owner of Mystical Smiles face Painting and events and became an associate producer on Coffin 2 and a co-host for "Click on This show". I teach, am a face and body artist, Dance Zumba, adopted two rescue puppies (Lab pit Mixes) and still like my friends diverse. And as always I am staying true to myself while perusing my dreams! My American Dream!!